How to Generate Aadhar Virtual ID Online

By | November 29, 2023

How to Generate Aadhar Virtual ID Online, What is Virtual Aadhar ID or VID, Generate Aadhar Virtual ID Online, Benefits of Aadhar Virtual ID

Aadhar Virtual Id is a 16 digit number that is to be used for authentication instead of Aadhar Number. Virtual ID or VID can be generated by the Aadhar Number Holder only. People can generate a random number from a mobile application or by the official website of UIDAI. That number can be used wherever you need to verify your identification. According to UIDAI, Virtual Aadhar ID can be changed any number of times by the Aadhar Card user.

How to Generate Aadhar Virtual ID Online

What is Virtual Aadhar ID or VID

After making mandatory to link Aadhar Card with your bank account, mobile number and PAN Card, the safety issues were increasing day by day. To deal with this situation UIDAI is planning to introduce Aadhar Virtual ID. Aadhar virtual ID is an additional safety feature which will prevent the frauds and misuses of Aadhar ID. Aadhar Virtual ID ensures that the agency or department which asks for Identification of People will not get their Aadhar Number. People can use this VID wherever you need to prove your authentication.

Generate Aadhar Virtual ID Online

Aadhar Virtual ID can be generated by the owner of Aadhar Card. You can generate it from the official website and as well as the mobile application. To Generate Aadhar Virtual ID you will have to give your Aadhar number. The system will verify the individual’s biometric and fingerprint. You can revoke the Virtual ID after a time period given by the UIDAI. You can retrieve your Virtual ID in case you forget your VID.  People can also replace their VID with a new VID number.

Benefits of Aadhar Virtual ID

To buy a SIM card or to verify your bank account you give your Aadhar Number. But according to the latest information further on you will not have to provide your Aadhar Number. You can provide them your Virtual Aadhar Number and UIDAI will verify your Virtual Aadhar ID to your Aadhar number and fingerprints automatically. UIDAI will provide the agency only that information of the aadhar holder which is enough for the verification like name, address and photograph. Virtual ID is the biggest innovation since Aadhar was launched.

Why the Virtual Aadhar ID Introduced by UIDAI

The Government of India is going to make compulsory VID from June 2018. Virtual Aadhar ID (VID) can be generated by the people from April month. UIDAI has released VID Feature on Tuesday 3rd April 2018. This feature will enhance the security level and will prevent data theft of Indian citizens. Only the Aadhar users will be able to generate Aadhar Virtual ID. Now UIDAI has also introduced Limited KYC System. By this system, the client needs to provide only the limited information to the company or authorization that is required. We can say now this is a good step of the Indian Government towards the data security.

Virtual ID is to rejuvenate the security of Aadhar information. Individuals can produce their VID by log on to the official website of UIDAI. After generating your VID, you don’t need to share your Aadhar Number with any organization or person. Aadhar Virtual ID Feature is available now from 3rd April 2018.   

How to Generate VID or Virtual ID

  1. Log on to the website:
  2. Click on Virtual ID (VID) Generator link.
  3. This will redirect you to another page.
  4. Now you need to enter your Aadhar number and Security Code.
  5. The system will send the One-time password (OTP) to your Mobile.
  6. Enter OTP and select Generate VID.
  7. The system will give you 16 digit Virtual Aadhar ID Number.

Click Here to Generate your Virtual or VID

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