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UTS Indian Railway (Unreserved Ticketing System) is a Free India’s Official Government Mobile Application for Indian Railway Passengers can Book their Ticket easily through their Phone. It’s a Government approved app which allows their passengers to book many types of Railway tickets as well as

Suburban Tickets within 5-10min. As the Report came from IE Reports, Around 80,000 to 1 lakh peoples are Active in booking Ticket Online from this Application in the Central and Western Zone of India.

How does it Work?

This UTS application allows all the users to book their tickets in both form paper and e-ticket. The developer of this application has said that the app has a quick response option in which the users can print their booked tickets on their app but after reaching the railway station. 

The UTS Indian Railway app works through many tools which occurred in smartphones. The User must have to stay nearly 2km from the Railway Station. So the GPS can be able to track the nearest Station according to the Position of the User and then the UTS app will provide you with the details of the train and ticket.

The UTS app allows the user to book their railway tickets in just ten minutes. In this application, the passengers can deposit their money in the app R-wallets and the users can also book single-journey tickets or renew their old passes. Besides booking railways tickets online which is getting popular day by day, there are many ways to book your railway tickets like Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) and Jan Sadharan Ticket booking Sevak (JTBS). 

Likely, The UTS application also records your continuous routes taken by you, To facilitate the next ticket booking of the user. In this application, the users can also book their platform tickets as well as the season tickets. The old user of this application who used this application for more than six months said that the UTS application has improved the ticket booking system.

Steps to Book your Train Ticket On App

STEP #1 Firstly you have to download the UTS app and then open the UTS application on your smartphone.

STEP #2 Sign up or register by filling in the required details to proceed.

STEP #3 After signing up, login through your details given at a sign-up time and click on the Book ticket followed by the Normal Book.

STEP #4 Then click on the Book & Travel option which is present at the top and click on the Continue button.

STEP #5 Select the station – From where and To where you want to travel. Click on proceed.

STEP #6 Then it will ask you to enter your mobile number for the ticket you want to book and fill in all the other details and select Get Fare after checking the filled detail, click on Book Ticket.

STEP #7 Now, you have to deposit some amount of money in your R-wallets to pay. The money will be automatically deducted from your R-Wallet. Thus, you must recharge it to complete your further ticket booking.

STEP #8 Then, Click on the Home icon on the top-right corner and tap Booking History to see the booked ticket.

UTS Application Benefits

  • It is easy to Book your Journey ticket, Season ticket, and Platform ticket on this app.
  • You can cancel your booked Suburban tickets.
  • You can Issue or Renew your Season tickets.
  • The Deposited money on R-Wallet can be checked by the user.
  • In this app, the User can manage their profile.
  • You can see your past Booking History.

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